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Macro-Evolution: a solid, fact-driven conclusion?

From a recent agreement with a friend on facebook:

John Musgrave, I am regularly flummoxed that geneticists, microbiologists, MDs, chemists, etc aren’t at the forefront of calling out macro-evolution, materialism, and Darwinism as BANKRUPT, as endeavors in science. It was one thing to somehow conjure up faith in macro-evolution during Darwin’s time, due to our limited understanding of the astonishing complexity of genetics and living cells back then. But now.....They ought to be the ones telling the world that materialism CANNOT work, for both the origin of life AND the myriad varieties and irreducible complexities of all life.

Yes, Al. Macro-evolution is contrary-to-fact, and thus a thing of blind faith, without support (and with support against it) in all the areas you mention. But, Romans 1 is on the line: to let go of macro-evolution is to peel back a layer of suppressing the truth, and brings one closer to having admit what all persons know in their souls: 1) that God exists, 2) that they are required in life to love God and their fellow human beings, and 3) that death will be followed by judgment, in which all will be judged according to what God has required of them, namely, “2” above. If a person doesn’t know that turning to Jesus in faith will be greeted by His love, mercy, and complete forgiveness, that person will suppress the 1-3 truths above, because thinking about standing for judgment (without the solution offered by Jesus—forgiveness through turning to Him for it) is unbearable. Belief in macro-evolution is not an intellectual conclusion, despite all the claims that that is so; it is a moral decision, driven by a gasping hope that what one knows deep down to be true (1-3) is not. Without my personally knowing the forgiveness of Jesus, I’d suppress the truth about these things as well, for I’d have no other solution but to hope they weren’t true. Hence, geneticists, microbiologists, MDs, chemists, etc aren’t at the forefront of calling out macro-evolution, unless they’re Christians and thus freed from the mental anguish of the existence of God, such that they can speak the truth about what they’ve observed in their fields, without, in effect, condemning themselves to a bad eternity.

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