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The Church

Christ Church is a Bible-believing church, with a reverent & soul-satisfying worship service, a Kids’ Sunday School Hour (with Biblical content and loving teachers) for ages four & up (with a Nursery for younger kids), and a Biblically rich Sunday School for adults.  Come and learn!  During Worship, there is Children's Worship and a Nursery.   Please visit for worthwhile Bible teaching, God-centered worship, a great Kids’ and Youth program, and people who are laid-back, humble, loving, and real.  When you visit, you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, and at home.  You’ll be glad you came!


Christ Church Clayton Garner NC Youth
  • "The people here are real."

  • from a former attender:  "I've never learned as much from the Bible than I did when I was in that church!"

  • "I've been a member four years and I love our church!"

  • "Never experienced 
                      worship so pure."

  • "Every part of the service        is Christ-centered."

  • "From day one, we felt warmly welcomed."

  • "I've learned so much about the Bible."

  • People are so nice here, and there’s no drama!"

  • "The sermons are relevant and thought-provoking."

  • “This church and the things I’ve learned here have changed my life.”  

  • “My wife and I were committed to being in a church (because we’re Christians!), but had gotten to the point of having no hope that we’d ever find one that wasn’t into all kinds of silliness, church politics, and nasty people.  Then we found this church, which focused on Christ, taught His Word deeply, and had people who loved each other AND their pastor.  We were so grateful!"

  • “My husband and I never have to worry about the faith of our young-adult children because of the teaching they got growing up in this church.” 

  • “We love our church!"

  • No dog-and-pony show.  Instead:  God's Word, loving people, and God-focused worship.  Love it!


Christ Church is a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church that believes that each word of the Bible was inspired and placed there by God through human authors.  


We are a church that is accountable to others, belonging to a denomination that makes sure we are teaching and preaching what is Biblically true.  That denomination's catch-phrase includes: "True to the Scriptures" and "Faithful to the Great Commission."  We also ascribe to the teaching of the Bible that defined the earliest Protestant churches in the time of the Protestant Reformation.  Thus, we can be called a "reformed" church (meaning:  "from the Reformation").  Don't let that term scare you, though.  It just means we believe and love that salvation is by faith in Jesus and not by works (the center-point of the Reformation); and it means that we love the Bible and believe it to be the means God has given human beings to know and be saved by Jesus, and to know His will for us as His followers.  

We're part of a Biblically solid and faithful stripe of presbyterians called the Presbyterian Church in America.  It started in 1973, and it's not the one you might have heard about in the news for advocating things that are against clear teaching in the Bible.  Historically, Presbyterians and Lutherans were the first two denominations springing from the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s.  So, we've been around a while.  Time-tested!


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